POWER-GEN Europe Confidence Index survey now live

A comprehensive survey of the European power industry has been launched and is looking for vital input from those who work in the sector.

The POWER-GEN Europe Confidence Index provides key market information, insights and trends to aid strategic decision making.

It gives you ” the power industry professional ” the opportunity to make your voice heard alongside those of your peerPOWER-GEN Confidence Index now lives.

Every opinion is extremely valuable, whether you work in the boardroom, on the power plant floor or out ‘in the field’.

The Index is now in its second year and will build on the insights gathered last year from over 700 participants.

Some 30 per cent of those that downloaded the 2015 Index stated that it was to “assist in making strategic decisions about their European business”, while 70 per cent used the Index to “gain insights into the European power market”.

Nigel Blackaby, Conference Director for POWER-GEN Europe, said: “The POWER-GEN Europe Confidence Index is unique because it voices the collective opinions of power industry professionals themselves, above those of independent analysts and forecasters. This makes it truly grounded and a valuable guide to the future of our industry.”

This is your chance to have your say about your industry and your vision for its future, so don’t miss the opportunity to make your voice heard. Complete the online questionnaire here.

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