PEi Editorial Guide presents an advance in energy modelling

An analytical tool has been developed byà‚ Energy Exemplar that can make sense of the myriad of challenges facing the various stakeholders in the energy sector.

PLEXOSà‚® Integrated Energy Modelling is an advanced software tool that employs the latest mathematical programming methods and it can provide specific answers needed to some of the most challenging questions that the Global Energy Markets currently presents.

It can provide significant insights on new Power & Gas Markets’ Policies implementation, while at the same time, with its state of the art Stochastic Modelling & Optimisation abilities, it can effectively manage and cope with the associated uncertainties. This paper presents an overview of these Global Energy Markets challenges, as well as the associated real world applications and capacities of PLEXOSà‚®.

You can access this unique presentation on the parameters and capabilities of this technology in our Editorial Guide area.

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