PEI Connect: Women in clean energy get leadership boost

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PEi Connect provides a brief look at what got our attention during the week (19 Aug-26 Aug), and first up we highlight the launch of a scholarship that celebrates the legacy of the late Chloe Munro AO, inaugural Chair of Australia’s Clean Energy Regulator.

Scholarship to develop women leaders

The Chloe Munro Scholarship for Transformational Leadership has been announced by Australia’s Clean Energy Council and will focus on supporting emerging female leaders in the fields of clean energy, energy management and carbon abatement.

The scholarship honours Ms Munro AO, the inaugural Chair of the federal government’s Clean Energy Regulator, as well as and Monash Professorial Fellow.

Suzi Finkelstein, CEO Women & Leadership Australia, said: “Championing women in leadership is as critical as ever, and these scholarships will enable more women to engage in career-defining leadership development programmes.” Read more.

Sweden runs out of nuclear storage

nuclear waste
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An article by Waste Management World has highlighted that the country’s spent fuel storage site is expected to reach full capacity volume by 2024. Even though the necessary approvals have been granted for a new repository, the government is stalling, which in turn could see reactors closing in the near future. Read more.

Chernobyl heads for decommissioning

Chernobyl NPP was granted the requisite decommissioning licence by the State Nuclear Regulatory Inspectorate of Ukraine. Valeriy Seyda, acting director general of Chernobyl NPP, said: “We will again have to do things that no one has done before,” describing the planning and work to take down the unstable structures that were hastily erected in the immediate aftermath of the 1986 accident. Read more.

Meanwhile, at Fukushima…

Germany: Between a rock and a dark place

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As Germany abandons nuclear and coal power, concerns continue to be raised as to whether the country can keep the lights on. An article by Bloomberg Green delves into how Chancellor Merkel is trying to balance hefty emissions reductions targets with electrification goals. Apparently, the government is getting it wrong. Read more.

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Until then, take care, stay safe and power on.

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