PEI Connect: Tackling climate change with space tech

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PEi Connect provides a brief look at what got our attention during the week (11 Nov-18 Nov), and today we kick off with the news that the UK Space Agency will collaborate with the UN Office for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA) on a new review of existing activity on climate action through the use of space technologies.

Climate action out of this world

Image credit: UK Space Agency

According to the UK Space Agency, the aim of the partnership is to map existing work, such as using satellites to measure carbon emissions, monitor deforestation and improve climate models, and investigate what more can be done to strengthen the space sector’s contribution to tackling climate change.

Simonetta Di Pippo, Director, United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs, said: “Space activities have transformed the way humanity perceives and understands planet Earth, rendering them vital for climate science and action. We need to maximize the ambition in utilizing space benefits for a better tomorrow.”

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Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion drives sustainability in the tropics

The Democratic Republic of São Tomé and Príncipe recently signed a partnership agreement with UK-based Global OTEC for the deployment of a commercial Floating Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) Platform.

In our latest podcast episode, we explore this project and unpack how this cutting-edge technology holds a key to decarbonising small island nations.

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Reining on Norway’s parade

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Norway will need to dismantle two large wind farms after the supreme court stripped their licenses for jeopardizing traditional reindeer husbandry.

The court’s verdict, however, did not stipulate what should happen next to the 151 turbines, which power around 100,000 Norwegian households. Read more.

The ruling serves as a reminder that renewable energy innovation needs to be balanced with efforts to protect biodiversity, a process to be supported by up-to-date legislative frameworks.

PEI Editor Kelvin Ross at COGEN Europe

Samoan solar success

The island of Ta’u in American Samoa now hosts a solar power and battery storage-enabled microgrid that can supply nearly 100% of the island’s power needs. It’s a much-needed diesel alternative and the 60 Tesla Powerpacks ensure islanders no longer need to deal with outages.

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