PEI Connect: European leaders call for atomic energy

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PEi Connect provides a brief look at what got our attention during the week (05-12 March), and first up, we focus on French president Emmanuel Macron’s call for more nuclear power.


Emmanuel Macron backs nuclear

A group of seven European leaders fronted by French President Emmanuel Macron has called on the European Commission to stop hindering nuclear power and consider ways of bringing atomic energy into the EU’s green finance rule book. Read more

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UK’s controversial oil & gas moves

The North Sea is proving to be a popular spot for both offshore wind and offshore oil & gas drilling. This week the UK government announced more oil and gas wells are to be drilled in the North Sea. Ministers say permission to drill will be granted as part of a careful transition away from fossil fuels, a decision proving less popular with environmental advocacy groups. Clearly, wind turbines and drilling wells will be competing for the same space in the future.

Winds time has come

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The Global Wind Energy Council has released its 16th annual flagship report. The report states that the world needs to be installing an average of 180GW of new wind energy every year to limit global warming to well below 2à‚°C above pre-industrial levels, and will need to install up to 280GW annually from 2030 onwards to maintain a pathway compliant with meeting net zero by 2050. Have a look at the key takeaways of the report.

A refreshing sip of solar innovation

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Carlsberg Group has announced an innovative partnership to protect shared water resources in India. Watch this video to see how solar power is being used in a novel way to create safe drinking water.

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