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PEI Connect: Brazil faces power rations due to severe drought

PEi Connect provides a brief look at what got our attention during the week (26 Aug-02 Sep), and first up we focus on a severe drought in Brazil causing concern about power shortages and the impact of higher energy prices.

Brazil’s hydropower woes

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Brazilian Vice President Hamilton Mourao addressed the nation this week warning of power rationing in the face of one of the worst droughts in a century.

The government is taking steps to prevent blackouts, such as incentivising less power usage and attempting to avoid excessive increases in power tariffs.

However, with the increase in severe weather, one wonders how the country can diversify its energy mix to mitigate drought risk and heighten security of supply in the future. Read more about the current situation in Brazil.

Going loco for solar

Solar PV cells on rail cars could see a diesel-free future for the railroad business. CleanTechnica’s Tina Casey highlights the solar train’s humble beginnings as a DYI project in 2016 and explains what’s next for this clean rail initiative. Read more.

Perovskites reach new hights – outer space

Researchers at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), in collaboration with NASA, are testing ways to bring down the manufacturing costs for high-efficiency solar cells and transforming how PV technologies could work in space as well.

The latest test will evaluate the efficiency of perovskites in space and where better to perform the test, than the International Space Station, flying about 250 miles above the earth and travelling at some 17,500 miles an hour. Read more about this innovative research.

Engaging oil-producing countries for net zero success

In order to boost the chances of a successful global energy transition, we not only need to engage with fossil fuel producing countries, but we also need to support them in diversifying their economies. If this does not happen, the results will be significant, such as unstable global energy markets, increased poverty and negative impacts on international security.

These are just some of the thoughts from Ali Allawi, deputy prime minister and finance minister of Iraq, and Fatih Birol, executive director of the International Energy Agency, who wrote this thought-provoking opinion piece.

Game on

If you haven’t yet tried the Siemens Energy Power Puzzle, we recommend giving it a shot. The player needs to power a data centre with a selection of power sources, a fine balance between high efficiency and low emissions. It’s tougher than it looks, so good luck. Play the game.

Connect with us next week for another selection of interesting sector news.

Until then, take care, stay safe and power on.

The PEi Ed team 🙂

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