PEI Connect: Are Europe’s gas ambitions simply hot air?

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PEi Connect provides a brief look at what got our attention during the week (4 Nov-11 Nov), and today we kick off with the news that the European Commission is expected to present to Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) a new draft list of cross-border energy infrastructure projects, containing 30 major gas developments worth €13 billion ($15 billion).

EU’s planned pipelines

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The EU’s draft list includes the controversial EastMed pipeline between Israel and Greece, the Baltic Pipe carrying Norwegian gas to Denmark and Poland, and the Cyprus2EU liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminal.

However, these proposed projects are being criticsed as not sufficiently accounting for climate risks, setting double standards at a time when fossil fuels need to be stamped out, as well as setting up the industry to be saddled with costly, stranded assets for decades to come. Read more from Elena Sánchez Nicolás, EUObserver.

COP Corner

  • UK sends mixed signals on fossil fuels

At COP26, the Beyond Oil and Gas Alliance was established, led by the governments of Denmark and Costa Rica. The Alliance includes a group of countries planning to fix a date to phase out oil and gas production.

The UK however, has announced that it won’t be joining the alliance, reports Bloomberg Green, calling into question the nation’s commitment to climate action.

The UK is reluctant to commit as it says ending fossil fuel production could cause a “cliff edge in energy supply”. Read more.

  • Bilateral cooperation between China and US
  • Dance yourself green
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A nightclub in Glasgow, SWG3, is set to trial technology that uses heat from dancers’ bodies to generate renewable energy.

The system will capture the body heat from dancers, transport it to boreholes drilled 150-200 metres deep into our floors, where it can be stored for days, weeks or months and then used as energy for the building. This could potentially save of up to 70 tonnes of carbon per year. Read more.

Clean energy cryptocurrency

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Brazillian cryptocurrency exchange Mercado Bitcoin announced to Reuters that it signed an agreement with retail energy provider Comerc, to develop two types of renewable energy tokens.

The first will be tied to a cashback scheme for solar energy generation and the second token will be linked to certificates that document energy consumption from renewable sources. Read more.

Wind turbines too big for their foundations

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Professor Luke Prendergast of the University of Nottingham, UK, has warned that increasingly large wind turbines might not be adequately supported by their foundations.

Until now, design codes have been borrowed from the oil & gas industry, however, oil & gas platforms are very different to wind monopiles. Read more from New Civil Engineer.

Connect with us next week for another selection of interesting sector news.

Until then, take care, stay safe and power on.

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