PEI Connect: About those fossil fuels…

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PEi Connect provides a brief look at what got our attention during the week (16-23 April), and first up, we focus on the digital discussion between key oil & gas players that highlighted the vital role of the industry in achieving the energy transition.

Green is the new black

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We are all aware of the immense pressure on oil and gas companies to revolutionise their operations and embrace a green future. But have we considered what the sector can contribute to achieving net zero? IOGP, IRENA and Oil & Gas UK made it abundantly clear that the world can’t decarbonise without the input and innovation from this traditional dirty industry. Read more

But is it all just ‘greenwashing’?

An interesting tweet considering our focus on the oil & gas energy transition. The world will be holding these companies accountable to deliver on the promises they are making. Read more

Tunes to soothe climate anxiety

Are you feeling anxious about climate change? Is this anxiety causing sleeplessness? Well if you answered yes, do not fear, Swedish utility company Vattenfall and Nord DDB have created a Spotify playlist just for you. The campaign features six “Super Soothing Climate Progress Engineering Tracks,” which aren’t musical, but informative and promise to deliver peace of mind.

If you are still awake after that, take a look at this…

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Producing power with gravity

We love innovative concepts, and this week we were pleased to see that a project to create electricity from gravity has generated its first power at a demonstrator site in Edinburgh, Scotland. We have been following the Gravitricity project and look forward to future developments. Read more

USA summit of action

Worrying data from the IEA’s Global Energy Review released this week reveals that despite the global ambitions to achieve Net Zero by the middle of this century, energy-related carbon emissions are expected to soar this year. In light of President Biden’s Climate Change Summit taking place this week, Saara Kujala, General Manager, Business Development at Wärtsilä Energy, highlights the need for less talk and more action from governments to address climate issues. Read what Kujala has to say

Connect with us next week Friday for another selection of interesting sector news. Until then, take care, stay safe and power on.

The PEi Ed team 🙂

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