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Editors picks refers to the most important news, projects, policies, trends and industry insights within the power generation sector.

SSE says Greater Gabbard wind farm foundations are defective

UK utility SSE claims that the foundations supporting 52 turbines at the Greater Gabbard wind farm are defective.

Gas is entering a ‘golden age’, says IEA

China, India and Russia will drive global energy growth in the next 25 years, any significant withdrawal from nuclear will have “alarming implications”, and a major cut in renewable energy subsidies because of economic austerity would make it “very difficult for the sector to come back to life", are among the conclusions from the latest IEA report.

Smart Grid could save EU $71bn per year

A report out today claims that the successful deployment of Smart Grids could save the European Union (EU) €52bn ($71bn) annually.

France nuclear institute proposes new safety blueprint

A new approach to assessing the safety of nuclear power plants has been put forward by France’s Institute of Radiological Protection and Nuclear Safety (IRSN).

North Europe should collaborate on renewables, says bank boss

Northern European countries should work together to raise the credibility of renewable energy project to investors, according to the president of the Nordic Investment Bank.

US utility merger deals hit near-record low

The total value of merger & acquisitions deals in the US power and utilities sector fell significantly in the third quarter of this year compared with the same period in 2010.

EDF’s nuclear fleet in UK passes EU tests

EDF Energy’s nuclear fleet has passed EU stress tests introduced in the wake of the reactor accident at Fukushima.

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