Oettinger urges sensible approach to German wind power

The European Energy Commissioner, Gunther Oettinger, has called for a more practical approach to his country’s wind power strategy.

Oettinger was speaking at Hannover Messe industrial fair in the context of plans by states in the south of the country who have served notice of their intent to further boost wind power capacity despite having only moderate wind conditions.
Gunther Oettinger
He urged greater coordination of energy policy in Germany and across Europe and said that in Germany, “we currently have 16 (individual) state energy strategies”.

Recharge News reports that the commissioner claimed wind farms should be built mainly where the wind is blowing for as many hours a year and in as stable a fashion as possible ” citing the North of Germany, Denmark and offshore as examples.

“It’s wise that a state such as (southern German) Rhineland-Palatine doesn’t produce and export wind power, but instead Spàƒ¤tburgunder (a wine variety),” he joked.

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