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High five: Editor’s choice (9-13 November)

To ensure you don’t miss out on the most important news, views and analysis from this week, we have compiled a must-read list designed to keep you in the know. 

#1 Siemens Energy announces immediate exit from new coal projects

Siemens Energy chief executive Christian Bruch told a press conference: “Effective immediately, we cease supporting the development of new coal-fired power plants.”

#2 How Total and BP are leading the green energy charge among oil majors

Should oil companies be investing in solar, wind, battery technology and networks of electric vehicle charging stations? Maybe, in the broader view of themselves as energy companies, says Joseph Chang, Global Editor at ICIS Chemical Business.

#3 Investment uncertainty and renewables top issues for Asia’s electric industry

Uncertainty of investments caused by a financial downturn and renewable energy are the two biggest concerns of Asia’s energy industry today, according to Black & Veatch’s first-ever Strategic Directions: Electric Industry Asia 2021.

#4 Rolls-Royce and CEZ to build compact nuclear power stations in the Czech Republic

Rolls-Royce and CEZ have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to explore the potential for compact nuclear power stations, known as small modular reactors (SMR). The compact nuclear power stations will be built in the Czech Republic.

#5 Oil giants and utilities pressure federal leaders to strengthen GHG rules

In a renewed sign that energy companies are progressing beyond whipsawing U.S. government policy on environmental issues, three major oil companies are pushing for a reversal of the Trump Administration’s rollback on methane emissions from natural gas operations.

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Pamela Largue
Pamela is a senior content creator and editor and has been a part of the Clarion content team for over seven years. She specializes in international power and energy-related content.