High five: Editor’s choice (30 Nov – 4 Dec)

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To ensure you don’t miss out on the most important news, views and analysis from this week, we have compiled a must-read list designed to keep you in the know.à‚ 

#1 World’s first 1MW large-scale gas engine begins hydrogen field test

The recent initiation of field testing on the converted combined heat and power (CHP) plant in the Othmarschen area of Hamburg, Germany, marks a step forward in a joint flagship project by INNIO Jenbacher and HanseWerk Natur.

This 1MW pilot plant from INNIO Jenbacher represents the world’s first large-scale gas engine in the 1MW range that can be operated either with 100% natural gas or with variable hydrogen-natural gas mixtures up to 100% hydrogen.

#2à‚ Iberdrola and Ingeteam form new electrolyser company Iberlyzer

Iberdrola has partnered with Basque company Ingeteam to form a new venture that will see the integration, installation and maintenance of electrolyser plants.

#3à‚ Siemens Energy appoints Diversity Officer and pledges 30% women executives

Siemens Energy has appointed Maria Ferraro as its first Chief Inclusion & Diversity Officer. The move comes as the company has pledged to increase the number of women in executive leadership positions to 30 per cent by 2030.

#4à‚ UK’s ban on petrol and diesel cars ‘wasn’t helpful’ say motoring experts

A bullish report into the future of Britain’s automotive industry called for decarbonisation of the fuel not the vehicle, with experts saying the Government’s ban on diesel and petrol cars “wasn’t helpful”.

#5à‚ ABB helps Enel and Ansaldo execute landmark gas turbine upgrade

Europe’s biggest utility is to extend the lifecycle of a gas turbine unit at a combined-cycle power plant in Italy by utilizing cutting-edge control automation.

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