With only days to go to the London 2012 Olympic Games, GE (NYSE:GE) has confirmed two new energy centres, powered by 3.3 MW Jenbacher J620 cogeneration units, are primed and ready to supply 10 MW of power, heating and cooling to both the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games.

London Olympic campus Three of GE’s 3.3 MW J620 cogeneration units lie at the heart of the energy centres, which have been designed to operate in combined cooling, heat and power mode, i.e. trigeneration.

The first energy centre, featuring two of the J620 natural gas cogeneration modules, is located in the Stratford City development area and will support various Olympic Park activities, as well as commercial redevelopment in East London.

The second energy centre, located at Kings Yard on the western end of the Olympic Park, features one J620 cogeneration system that will generate thermal power for the Aquatics Centre’s swimming pools and other venues via the Olympic Park’s district heating network.

The Kings Yard facility also will generate electrical and thermal power for other venues, homes and buildings in the area.

Both energy centres include boilers that use natural gas as feedstock to generate additional heat to meet peak demands. The Kings Yard facility also includes a 3 MW boiler, which will be fueled with wood chip biomass to generate additional heat during the winter.

The London Olympic Delivery Authority built the facilities to help reach its target of a 20 per cent reduction in carbon dioxide emissions while meeting the city’s power needs that are expected to surge as more than 15 000 athletes and millions of spectators come to enjoy the games.

After the the Olympics and Paralympic Games have concluded the energy centres will continue to supply heat, cooling and power to businesses and residential areas in the east of London.

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