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Estonia takes the lead in Euro renewable target race

New Eurostat figures show Estonia is top of the leader board in the race to generate 20 per cent of its energy use from renewables.

The EU has that 20 per cent target in place across all member states and the latest statistics show wind solar and biomass contributed 13 per cent towards Europe’s emerge consumption in 2011, up .9 per cent on 2010.
EU renewables
The highest shares of renewables were found in Sweden, Latvia, Finland and Austria but the EU has set countries different individual goals according to their circumstances, and only Estonia exceeded theirs.

Euractiv reports that since 2011, Estonia’s share of renewable energy has risen by two percentage points and currently stands at 14.9 per cent of total consumption, according to the Tallin-based grid operator Elering AS.

Much of that progress has been down to an increase in biomass production and increased wind power capacity, courtesy of three new wind parks.

The Eurostat figures show Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom at the back of the field in terms of achieving the requisite target.

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