EDF Energy’s nuclear fleet has passed EU stress tests introduced in the wake of the reactor accident at Fukushima.

All 143 reactors across the EU had to be tested and the results submitted on a country-by-country basis.

EDF said it had submitted thousands of pages of documents to the Office for Nuclear Regulation and had also taken into account any recommendations made by the Weightman Report, the UK’s own post-Fukushima report published last month.

Today EDF’s chief executive Vincent de Rivaz said that the EU assessment proved “that we are very robust under the most extreme scenarios, even those far beyond what could ever be plausible in the UK”.

However he added that the events at Fukushima “are already having an impact on the way the nuclear industry operates both now and in the years to come”.

“We have been able to identify ways to further enhance our current very safe position; we will invest in additional back-up equipment such as electrical supplies for cooling systems, equipment related to fuel pond cooling and emergency command and control facilities to help us recover if the worst does happen, however low the probability.”

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