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China poised for nuclear new-build restart says ex-energy chief

China is ready to press ahead with new nuclear projects following a suspension caused by last year’s Fukushima disaster.

The former head of the country’s National Energy Administration, Zhang Guobao, told news service China Daily that the government may now “consider starting construction of four new projects that had been approved” prior to the catastrophe in Japan in March last year.

The four plants, which account for seven reactors, are in Fuqing, Fujian province, Tianwan, Zhejiang province, Yangjiang, Guangdong province and Shidaowan, Shandong province.

The developers behind the projects are the country’s three nuclear power companies, China National Nuclear Corporation, China Guangdong Nuclear Power Cororation and China Huaneng Group.

Following Fukushima, China ordered a nine-month inspection of 41 reactors in operation or under construction, and at three reactors where building was due to start.

The safety inspection report released earlier this year concluded that the quality of China’s nuclear industry, including reactor design, manufacturing, construction and operations, was “under control” and that the country’s nuclear safety standards met International Atomic Energy Agency requirements.

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