JAEC (Jordan Atomic Energy Commission) has completed its evaluation and made a decision on which company will build the first nuclear reactor in Jordan.

After a two year process, the commission has opted for the ATMEA consortium’s technology from a shortlist of three.

Nuclear power plant

In a statement it was announced that the ATMEA1 technology, developed by a French-Japanese team, made up of AREVA (Euronext: CEI), Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (TYO: 8058)and their 50/50 joint-venture ATMEA, has been judged to fit Jordan’s needs and requirements both in technical and economical terms.

However, JAEC also decided to continue discussions, during the next phase of its evaluation, with two qualified bidders, including AREVA-MHI-ATMEA.

Russia’s state-owned Atomstroyexport was also in the running.

ATMEA1 design integrates all necessary safety features to protect, cool and confine the reactor in all situations, meeting the most important requirements of the Jordan project and thus ensuring the highest safety to the Jordan public.

Jordan is planning further nuclear power projects and aims to have 60 per cent of its energy needs supplied by nuclear power by 2035. The first power from the new project should be fed to the grid by 2019.

The country is more than 90 per cent dependent on imported oil and natural gas from Arab countries in the region. This has motivated a $15bn investment plan for renewable and nuclear power.

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