A leaked draft of a report on the state of Europe’s nuclear power industry has revealed that the European Commission is due to hear about hundreds of problems associated with reactors within the union.

The problems came to light after stress tests were ordered on the EU’s 142 atomic reactors, post Fukushima.

The report says that it could need up to €25bn of investment in order to restore proper plant safety levels.

The draft, which could differ from the final version of the report, concluded that “on the basis of the stress test results, practically all nuclear plants need to undergo safety improvements”, reports the Independent.

“Hundreds of technical upgrade measures have already been identified,” it added.

According to the leak, the stress tests had shown that four reactors in two unnamed countries would have less than an hour to restore safety functions if electrical power was lost. However, the draft failed to specifically identify any of the reactors which suffered problems, or, in most cases, reveal the exact nature of the safety defects.

The report was particularly critical of the situation in nuclear prolific France. It has a total of 58 nuclear reactors and the report found failings at all of them.

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