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PEI Connect: Copping out of COP26

A number of world leaders have declined the invitation to attend the COP26 climate summit in Glasgow.


Europe power sector

PEI Connect: Is Europe facing an energy crisis?

High gas prices and low renewable energy yield and could prove challenging for Europe, as the region heads for chilly winter months.

PEI Connect: ‘Watershed moment’ for fusion energy

Researchers are calling it a "watershed moment" for nuclear fusion, with a record-breaking magnet successfully creating a magnetic field of 20 tesla.
south america

PEI Connect: Brazil faces power rations due to severe drought

A severe drought has hit Brazil causing concern about power shortages and the impact of higher energy prices.

PEI Connect: Women in clean energy get leadership boost

A scholarship has been launched that celebrates the legacy of the late Chloe Munro AO, inaugural Chair of Australia's Clean Energy Regulator.

PEI Connect: Blue hydrogen less green than coal?

New research shows emissions from the production of blue hydrogen are higher than previously thought, a fact that could put a damper on Biden's future plans for the energy carrier.

PEI Connect: Mining the minerals to drive energy transition

We consider whether deep-sea mining is a necessary tool to achieve global energy transition.