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Maximising Power Plant Efficiency

The need for power plants to operate at maximum efficiency and flexibility while cutting emissions is greater than ever before. What follows is a guide to how the manufacturers of filtration, pump, and turbine technologies are rising to this challenge.

How to cut your OPEX

In a constantly evolving electricity market, factors such as over capacity and low coal costs can push electricity prices down, so power generators need to reduce their production costs.  

Capital expenditure (CAPEX) is essentially fixed, but there are opportunities to reduce OPEX, by for example, increasing efficiency and flexibility, reducing maintenance costs and the use of consumables, and ensuring regulatory compliance at optimal cost.  

DNV KEMA offers a wide range of OPEX reduction services, many of which are outlined in this Editorial Guide.

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Alstom Editorial Guide: Thailand to showcase latest upgrade of Alstom’s GT26 in combined-cycle

Read all about Alstom’s new advanced GT26 gas turbine in the North Bangkok CCPP expansion project online with the Power Engineering International Project Digest.

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PLEXOSà‚® Integrated Energy Model ” Leading the Field in Energy Market Modelling

PLEXOSà‚® Integrated Energy Modelling is an advanced software tool that employs the latest mathematical programming methods and it can provide specific answers needed to some of the most challenging questions that the Global Energy Markets are facing today. It can provide significant insights on new Power & Gas Markets’ Policies implementation, while at the same time, with its state of the art Stochastic Modelling & Optimisation abilities, it can effectively manage and cope with the associated uncertainties. This paper presents an overview of these Global Energy Markets challenges, as well as the associated real world applications and capacities of PLEXOSà‚®.

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