The biggest issues facing EPC companies and power equipment OEMs were tackled at POWER-GEN Asia in Seoul yesterday.

In a panel discussion, Gerhard Scheffer of Fichtner said “EPC companies need to target new markets – countries with high dynamics such as Iran, Iraq and South Africa, or regions with a different risk portfolio, like Africa and Latin America.”Asia Power Week

Aditya Trehan, who heads Siemens large gas turbine projects in the Asia Pacific, said the trend in Asia was for large projects. “We are seeing a lot of bigger power plants – between 2000 and 2500 MW – and that means that the number of projects is shrinking.”

He added that another trend in Asia power projects was “governments are asking, ‘How do we localise this industry’, and that is going to change the market.”

And adapting to change was highlighted when the panellists reflected on the impact of renewables in the power sector.

Markandan Rajagopalan of Wartsila said: “We first saw renewables as a threat – now we sell engines as enablers of renewables.”

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