Uniper CF0 says Germany to UK gas power transfer a possibility

The chief financial officer of Uniper says the company is considering relocating the company’s gas-fired power plants to the UK from Germany.

Christopher Delbrueck told Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung that the prospect of dismantling the plants and reassembling them in the UK is a live possibility, as the British energy system isn’t contending with the same oversupply problem that has led to gas plants being mothballed in Germany.
Christopher Delbrueck
“It may be worth it to disassemble some of the plants and to rebuild them in Great Britain. We need to do the maths on that carefully,” Delbrueck told the Saturday edition of the newspaper, adding that the unpredictability of energy market regulation makes investments in new German plants difficult, which is not the case in Britain.

“In a couple of years I think taking stakes in new gas power stations in Great Britain is a possibility,” Delbrueck told the paper.

Uniper is interested in diversifying its business internationally, particularly in the energy trading business and may spend a triple-digit-million amount on acquisitions.

One way to fund takeovers is to sell off minority stakes in gas infrastructure investments.

“There are some activities where we hold minority stakes, without having a strategic interest. Such financial stakes could be divested,” Delbrueck told the paper.

As part of an international diversification strategy, Uniper has made a EUR280m payment towards Gazprom’s Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline in the Baltic Sea, said Delbrueck.

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