Swedish city’s heat network to benefit from ABB Ability platform

ABB is to deploy its new Ability digital technologies and expertise to help one of Sweden‘s largest cities increase sustainability, resiliency and efficiency. The city’s district heat network is one such system set to benefit from the platform.

The company has been awarded a contract with Swedish energy company Màƒ¤larenergi to develop “smart city solutions” that will make Vàƒ¤steràƒ¥s, Sweden’s fifth largest urban area, more attractive as a community for citizens and industry.

Màƒ¤larenergi provides a broad range of essential services for Vàƒ¤steràƒ¥s’s 150,000 residents and businesses. The utility operates hydropower plants, the local power grid, a waste-to-energy plant, heating and cooling networks, water and wastewater treatment plants, a water distribution network and a fiber-optic network.
ABB Ability Control Room
In 2017, Màƒ¤larenergi and ABB formed a team to develop digital solutions that will minimize environmental impact and create high-value digital services for customers. A key objective of this digital investment is to integrate the control rooms of the many automation systems that manage these expansive operations to create one unified operating environment.

“The cost and environmental benefits of using ABB’s digital technologies to reduce our operating footprint is remarkable,” said Niklas Gunnar, CEO at Màƒ¤larenergi “This will free up financial resources currently being used inefficiently to run different facilities, and instead be invested in areas that will truly benefit our customers.”

This “smart city solution” will leverage the ABB Ability Collaborative Operations approach to integrating ABB best-in-class technologies and services with Màƒ¤larenergi’s existing operational expertise. Collaborative Operations combines deep control and domain knowledge of both parties, to make more useful information available faster, so Màƒ¤larenergi and ABB can know more, do more and do better, together.

This approach will transform Màƒ¤larenergi from a traditional utility infrastructure company to a provider of integrated “infraservices” with the end-user experience in mind.

Applied to the district heating network, for example, which serves 98 percent of the city’s buildings, Collaborative Operations will optimize operational performance and reduce energy consumption. Data analytics will make it easier for operators to identify, categorize and prioritize potential issues with assets, processes and risk areas, so they can increase efficiency and reduce costs.

ABB Ability Collaborative Operations is part of the company’s ABB Ability portfolio of digital solutions. It provides performance management, remote monitoring and preventive analysis technologies to ensure security, improve efficiency and increase productivity in many industries globally. Collaborative Operations Centers connect people in enterprise-wide production facilities and headquarters to ABB’s domain and technology experts, shortening time-to-resolution for operational issues.

The platform is the company’s unified, cross-industry portfolio of digital solutions and capabilities extending from device to edge to cloud, integrating data to and from products, systems, solutions and services to deliver actionable information. It uses Microsoft Azure as the cloud for its integrated connectivity, so users can access enterprise-grade infrastructure that benefits from Microsoft’s significant investment.

“Together, ABB and Microsoft provide digital technology and capabilities that enable optimizing operations and infrastructure in enterprises in a way that has not been possible before.” said àƒâ€¡aà„Ÿlayan Arkan, General Manager, Manufacturing Industry of Microsoft. “ABB Ability Collaborative Operations is an illustrative example of a digital solution that leverages intelligent cloud technologies that empower cities, as well as industrial customers to become smarter by generating new insights and enabling better decision making.”

à‚ “We are proud to partner with Màƒ¤larenergi on their digital transformation, and create tangible benefits for Vàƒ¤steràƒ¥s’s residents and businesses,” said Kevin Kosisko, managing director of ABB’s power generation and water business. “Our record of driving digitalization and delivering smart city solutions will help Vàƒ¤steràƒ¥s operate at high levels of efficiency, sustainability and resilience.”


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