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Siemens and Glitre Energi Nett pilot versatile IoT platform

The Norwegian distribution system operator Glitre Energi Nett will partner with Siemens to build a digital substation to pilot Internet of things (IoT) analytics and applications for power grids.

The project aims to improve data accessibility and analytics resulting in increased grid reliability and availability through early detection of field issues and risks, reduce maintenance costs by condition monitoring and extend the nominal substation capacity at lower outside temperatures.

IoT-ready Siprotec protection and control and Sicam automation devices will be connected via OPC UA PubSub, an open standard communication protocol, to MindSphere ” the Siemens cloud-based open operating system for IoT. The Siprotec dashboard cloud application will make previously inaccessible data fully available and help to process grid data for the first time in the cloud with zero engineering effort.

The solution complies with the most stringent cyber security requirements, allowing end-to-end authentication and encryption based on certificates. This will help to further increase reliability, optimize efficiency and improve the security of the power grid.

The solution is required to support Norway’s increasingly complex power grid, accommodating more e-vehicles and the corresponding charging infrastructure. At the same time, grid operators are aiming to optimize the utilization of assets and the overall grid while complying with regulatory requirements and meeting growing demands in a sustainable way.

“By connecting grid assets and consolidating, visualizing and analyzing data in one central place, Siemens will help to improve data accessibility and analytics for distribution system operators,” said Robert Klaffus, CEO Digital Grid at Siemens Smart Infrastructure. “Together with our customer Glitre Energi Nett, we will develop additional use cases in an agile approach while we deliver the core project. This is another advantage of having the data on a platform like MindSphere with versatile analytics capabilities; the solution can grow over time generating incremental value beyond the initial scope, for example by listening to vibrations of switches in action for preventive maintenance.”

“We at Glitre Energi Nett are constantly seeking new solutions in order to optimize both our operations and asset management,” said Jan Helmen, project manager for transmission projects & maintenance at Glitre Energi Nett. “The cooperation with Siemens on MindSphere is an exciting opportunity for us to gain valuable experience with cutting-edge IoT solutions.”

Siemens will be responsible for the integration of the solution, as well as installation and commissioning. The entire scope-of-supply encompasses the Sicam SCC visualization system, Sicam A8000 controller and Siprotec 5 protection and control devices. In addition, wireless mini sensors will collect the temperature data of critical power components. The substation automation system uses IEC 61850 station networks along with OPC UA PubSub communication to be connected to the IoT application Siprotec dashboard powered by MindSphere.

Pamela Largue
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