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Rolls-Royce Power Systems teams digital with gas gensets

Rolls-Royce Power Systems has opened a new customer care centre in Augsburg, Germany, focusing exclusively on natural-gas-powered generator sets.

It marks the fifth new such centre that the company has launched this year in a bid to offer “experts at different locations and across several time zones to support customers around the world to keep their systems on the go”.

And Rolls-Royce Power Systems is also pressing ahead with the expansion of its digital services offerings ” its Digital Solutions team is set to double to 80 staff by the end of 2018.

“With our service strategy and our digital strategy, we are committing to an extremely customer-focused alignment of our services, and moving to improve our products,” explained Andreas Schell, chief executive of Rolls-Royce Power Systems. “The goal of our transformation is to be a full-service solution provider for our customers.”

The company says digitalization is enabling significantly greater efficiency in terms of asset management and maintenance.

à‚ “In terms of digital monitoring of customer installations, we’re not starting from scratch,” said Jàƒ¼rgen Winterholler, who heads the Digital Solutions unit. “Since the year 2000, for example, we have been gaining important insights into data-linking around 1800 gas gensets to technicians and service operations using data loggers.

“Cyber security and data protection have the highest priority for us. This is somewhere we also benefit from the experience of our parent company Rolls-Royce in the aviation industry over the last 20 years.”

One example points to a recent deal that will see its digital technology in harmony with hardware. In Chile, five Prime Energia power plants featuring more than 200 MTU Onsite Energy gensets are to be connected to the grid, providing a total output of 475 MW of reserve capacity to stabilize Chile’s power supplies. The gensets are digitally connected via data loggers to a digital platform called MTU Go! Manage for monitoring and analyzing current system data. Prime Energia will monitor the plants in real time and control them via a network operations centre in Santiago.

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