‘Peak demand has replaced peak oil’ says Edison boss

“We are moving from a peak oil narrative to a peak demand narrative.”

So said Marco Margheri, Edison’s executive vice-president for institutional affairs as he delivered the opening speech at European Utility Week in Barcelona.

And he added that “we are moving to a smart, decentralized production of energy ” technology is expotentially changing the entire energy chain”.

Christian Pilgaard Zinglersen, Deputy Permanent Secretary of the Danish Energy Ministry, told the audience that “the European energy market needs to get off life support to enhance market integration“.

He explained that Europe needed to “get off subsidies” and added that “we need tough, burden-of-proof capacity mechanisms”.

He said that Europe needed a fast, responsive power system and stated that “the intersection of digital and energy is key to flexibility”.

Joao Torres, chief executive of Portuguese distribution system operator EDPD, stressed that he believed that “smart cities are a fundamental part of the sustainable development agenda”. On the development of EU energy policy, he said the consumer ” and the rise of the prosumer ” was vital. “Europe needs customers to be more active and accept that a smart system is key and that they must play an active role”.


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