Pàƒ¶yry, Infosys and Nokia in artificial intelligence collaboration

Nokia, Pàƒ¶yry and digital services firm Infosys are collaborating on an artificial intelligence framework for utilities, industry, transportation and infrastructure.

KRTI 4.0 is a predictive maintenance framework that applies AI, cognitive and machine learning to the industrial environment.

Pàƒ¶yry designed the methodology of the framework, which defines the criticality of every asset that contributes to the functioning of an OT system; Infosys is supplying the knowledge-based AI platform; and Nokia provides the industrial IoT connectivity and network analytics.

Chris Johnson, Global Head of Enterprise at Nokia, stresses that “a key component in realizing the promise of Industry 4.0 is ensuring global IoT connectivity across the supply chain, the factory and the distribution networks”.

President of t Pàƒ¶yry’s Energy Business Group, Richard Pinnock, said: “In KRTI 4.0, real-time data from critical assets is converted to information with innovative computing and business intelligent algorithms, enabling proactive prescriptive decision making.”

Nitesh Bansal, Global Head of Engineering Services at Infosys said that KRTI 4.0 would help toà‚ “maximise the potential that digital services including IoT have to offer”.

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