Living in unprecedented times means it’s not business as usual!

We recognise how extremely difficult it is to travel, as restrictions are currently being imposed around the world.

We say cancel your travelling plans not your marketing plans!

Power Engineering International has various solutions and channels designed to support your business continuity strategy.

One option we recommend is our webinars. This audio/video presentation can allow you to interact with a live audience, and on-demand recordings can be easily accessed, including downloadable collateral such as brochures or product videos.

Webinars generate highly qualified, active leads while presenting your technology expertise to industry professionals.

Other ways to access your Market/Target Audience:

  • E-Newsletters: Our E-Newsletters deliver the industry’s top news stories to our audience’s inboxes each week, written and produced by our editorial team!
  • Targeted Email: Promote your business by utilising our extensive database to reach your ideal audience. Select your list by such qualifications as Organization Type, Job Function, Purchasing Influence, Form of Energy, Industry and Geographic location.
  • Demand Generation: This 4-6 week campaign positions you, as the industry authority, via a gated white paper promoted through a banner, newsletter, social media and push email campaign to our global database.

We are GDPR compliant so that’s one less thing you need to worry about!

Don’t let cancelled interactions restrict your pipeline – fill it up with an abundance of leads from our media brands!

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