Japanese gas-fired power plant is set to go digital

Japan‘s Marubeni Corporation is to install a digital power plant solution from GE at a gas-fired power plant in Chiba prefecture.

Installation at the 100 MW combined-cycle Nakasode Clean Power Plant in Sodegaura city is set to begin this month, with full operation planned for March 2018.

According to GE, its asset performance management and operations optimization software for predictive maintenance and operational efficiency will be installed on two units of LM6000 PD gas turbine, steam turbine and balance of plant.

The Nakasode plant came online in 1979 and was formerly operated by Tepco. Marubeni acquired it in 2014.

Marubeni said it aims to leverage key insights and outcomes learned from using digital solutions at the Nakasode plant across its global power portfolio.

“We are considering applying these Internet of Things (IoT) technologies across our entire electric power business for power generation and retail business owned by Marubeni in England, Japan and Asian countries,” said Hirohisa Miyata, managing executive officer at Marubeni.

“By applying IoT technologies, we hope to achieve more efficient power generation, procurement of electricity, and revenue improvements in the future.”

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