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IT giant Cisco joins UK smart grid accelerator

IT and networking giant Cicso announced this week that it has joined the UK’s Power Network Demonstration Centre (PNDC), a smart grid accelerator based in Glasgow, Scotland.

The firm said it will work to foster innovation around the internet of things (IoT) within industry as part of its “commitment to support digitization in the UK“. Cisco said it will also take “an active role in the evolution of the Centre” as a member of the executive board.

The PNDC is a collaboration between government, industry and academia which aims to accelerate all stages of the smart grid technology development process, from research to adoption. The Glasgow demonstration centre includes testing facilities featuring 11 kV and LV networks, laboratories and in-house researchers.

PNDC CEO David Rutherford said: “We are very excited to have Cisco join our membership. Connectivity will form the backbone of future smart grids capable of balancing demand and supply in real time on both sides of the meter. Smart systems and connectivity will play an important part in this future.

“Power network operators have significant challenges around visibility and connectivity to enable this smart digitalized environment. Cisco as a world class IT provider have the strength, expertise and capacity to help accelerate and facilitate that change in a UK setting”.

Scot Gardner, head of Cisco UK & Ireland, added that the power sector is one of the “few sectors that have the potential to both impact and be impacted by digitization in such equal measure. With an anticipated 50 billion devices connected to the Internet by 2020, the pressure placed on power networks ” whether directly or indirectly – is set to increase exponentially in the next decade. This is a pivotal point in time for the sector, and we are delighted to be partnering with the PNDC and its members to help address the opportunities that lie ahead.”