Why 70% of IoT proof of concepts fail

In an energy sector that is increasingly focused on exploiting digitalization opportunities, it’s surprising to hear that “70 per cent of IoT proof of concepts fail around the world”.

Yet that’s the statistic from Peter Asman, vice-president of IoT for the EMEA region at US-headquartered Trilliant Networks.à‚ 

Speaking to me at European Utility Week, he explained that often an IoT solution will fail because it is piecemeal and is reactive: it only kicks in “when something breaks”.

Asman said that instead what is needed is “a proactive maintenance environment ” an end-to-end solution from an industrial IoT perspective.”

He explained that “IoT as a platform is becoming such a big player in the energy space” and added that “the big opportunities are very much around smart cities. Large organisations and large cities are demanding so much more from what they are doing.”

And he predicts that in the coming year “we are going to see the market shift towards the citizen and give them more voice and what they need”.

Watch the full interview here:

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