Internet of Things

News, project announcements, IoT solutions and energy-related equipment, used in the power generation sector, including IoT used for digitalising water, gas and power utility infrastructure and virtual power plants, as well as for smart meters, energy storage batteries, solar panels, and heating and cooling controls. News will also relate to IoT in smart grid and renewable energy asset management.  

Global alliance addresses OT security threats

The Operational Technology Cyber Security Alliance (OTCSA), a new global alliance focused on cyber security, has been launched. It has been established...

Moixa and Energia partner for intelligent grid management

Moixa, an energy technology company that manufacturers smart solar batteries and GridShare software, and Irish energy supplier, Energia, have announced a partnership...

Siemens and Glitre Energi Nett pilot versatile IoT platform

Glitre Energi Nett will partner with Siemens to build a digital substation to pilot IoT analytics and applications for power grids.

How Uniper Technologies is ready for the digital ‘tipping point’

In a digital energy space that is getting more crowded by the week, Uniper Technologies likes to think that it has big advantage: as an owner and operator of conventional power plants, the company has been doing ‘digitalisation’ long before it became a buzzword.

Why the nuclear industry must embrace digital technology

The UK has some of strictest nuclear safety standards in the world. Operators must walk a perilous regulatory tightrope, ensuring their systems, hardware and firmware are all completely secure to ensure complete safety.

Blog: Blockchain’s coming of age in the enterprise world

At the Business Blockchain Summit in London recently, Dale Chrystie, FedEx’s Blockchain strategist, invoked the words of FedEx founder Frederick W. Smith, who said that in business there were no prizes coming second: to stay ahead, business must innovate.

Grid operators set roadmap for Britain’s smart energy transition

The UK’s electricity grid operators have unveiled a roadmap for a smart grid that they say will help deliver the flexibility needed to decarbonize the country’s energy system.

GE unveils AI and machine learning grid solutions

The energy industry today “is leveraging a small fraction of its operational data” according to Steven Martin, chief digital officer for GE Power.

Industry opinion: Reducing negative impacts of urbanisation through emerging technologies

How digitalisation and decentralisation can work in tandem to unleash significant benefits for the smart cities of the future

Industry opinion: Integrating renewables into a reliable power ecosystem

Balancing renewables represents the most efficient and sustainable approach to meeting the energy needs we have now, and those of the next generation. Efficient control hardware combined with the management and optimization offered by virtual power plants provides an opportunity to meet that challenge today.

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