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News, project announcements, IoT solutions and energy-related equipment, used in the power generation sector, including IoT used for digitalising water, gas and power utility infrastructure and virtual power plants, as well as for smart meters, energy storage batteries, solar panels, and heating and cooling controls. News will also relate to IoT in smart grid and renewable energy asset management.  

Security management for power installations

These are exciting times for industrial operations.

Maintaining engineering expertise in hydro plants

In recent years, the importance of asset monitoring systems for power utilities has increased significantly due to the pressing challenges of an aging workforce and, with the advent of the Internet of Things megatrend, an exponential growth of devices connected to the grid.

ADE chief urges holistic approach to network charges by Ofgem

The head of the UK’s Association for Decentralized Energy is calling on the country’s energy regulator Ofgem to launch a full Significant Code Review on network charging, as current short-term proposals put industrial manufacturing jobs at risk, and would increase the cost of keeping the lights on and delivering the UK’s low carbon ambitions.  

Irish gas-fired plant set for €1.2m saving from GE digitisation

The use of GE’s Asset Performance Management Software (APM) is set to provide the 445 MW Whitegate combined cycle gas-fired power plant in Cork, Ireland with potentially €1.2m in savings, thanks to cost avoidance potentialities being identified.

The future of utilities is now

With apologies to William Gibson, the North American science fiction writer, the future has already arrived for utility companies.

How GE’s Alstom acquisition is helping power plant owners

GE’s recent acquisition of Alstom’s Power & Grid businesses gives the company a more robust global business presence at a time when the world is expected to invest a projected $17 trillion in power and grid technologies over the next 20 years to help develop more sustainable modern economies and improve the quality of life for the world’s population.

UK releases new smart grid paper as specialist continues to raise...

While the UK government this week produced a new document aiming at developing the country’s smart grid sector, London-based Tempus energy announced winning an additional £3.78m in funding to bring its investment in Smart Grid technology to a total of £5m.

IT advances open new scope for power plant condition monitoring

Technological advances, political imperatives and economic drivers all play their role in the evolution of energy generation portfolios.

Big data and intelligent maintenance

The world's energy needs are constantly growing.

Big data unlocks better efficiency

How real-time analysis and simulation software is bringing operational benefits for combined-cycle plants.

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