Off-grid solar supplier gets IoT boost

German off-grid solar supplier Mobisol has partnered with California-based IoT solutions firm Aeris with the aim of improving remote monitoring and pay-as-you-go (PAYG) capability for its residential and commercial off-grid solar installations. à‚ 

Mobisol’s solar PV systems (pictured) will be given a boost by Aeris’s carrier-agnostic IoT connection in off-grid areas where connectivity is unreliable, the company said, allowing for real-time data capture and making remote monitoring more reliable. à‚ 

In addition, Aeris will assist Mobisol with its recently launched PAYG software platform.

Mobisol said it aims to licence the use of its technology to companies operating in areas such as Latin and South America, which fall outside of its principal markets in Africa. It said the partnership with Aeris will allow it to offer potential licensees ease of deployment and reliable device connectivity anywhere in the world.

Mobisol’s off-grid power offering includes residential and commercial solar home systems from 80-200 W as well as a range of solar-powered devices, including PV-powered home appliances, chargers and tools. à‚ 

The firm currently focuses on the off-grid markets in Kenya, Rwanda and Tanzania. It says that, as of 2017, it has brought power to 500,000 people and is aiming for 20 million by 2023.

Stefan Zelazny, Mobisol’s Chief Innovation Officer, said the partnership would “ensure that no matter where in the world our systems are deployed, we can remotely monitor our devices, learn more about user behaviour, improve customer happiness and increase system longevity through remote maintenance.”

Paul Tarsey, Aeris’s Business Development Manager for Europe, added: “Our Aeris SIMs are carrier agnostic and allow Mobisol to connect to multiple networks no matter where in the world they are deployed. This ensures their devices’ connectivity can be relied upon globally. We look forward to helping Mobisol expand its capabilities and deliver solar-energy solutions to off-grid communities across the world.”


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