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Honeywell launches satellite tracker for remote workers

US technology company Honeywell has unveiled a satellite-based solution to help governments and companies monitor the location and safety of workers in remote locations.

The Personal Tracker utilizes Iridium’s low-earth orbit satellite network to allow companies to communicate with their workers or track assets anywhere in the world.
Honeywell personalised tracker

“Those responsible for employees in remote locations, especially lone workers who may be performing risky work, increasingly need a reliable method to stay connected to those workers to keep them safe and secure,” said Taylor Smith, president of Honeywell’s Workflow Solutions business.

“Honeywell’s connected worker technology and Iridium’s proven platform enable satellite communications from anywhere on Earth. This offers remote workers, such as those offshore, peace-of-mind and provides their employers with a valuable tool for emergency situations.”

Bryan Hartin, executive vice-president of sales at Iridium, said the partnership with Honeywell “comes at an exciting time for us, as we are launching our next-generation global constellation, Iridium NEXT, and continue to expand our growing portfolio of satellite-based solutions for the Internet of Things“.