Expert highlights the four stages of cybersecurity

A leading cybersecurity expert has warned that “there’s no real cyber insurance out there ” it’s not protected”.

And Vikram Kalkat of the Kaspersky Lab also said that similarly, there was no single technology or software that could deter hackers.

“There is no product out there that can give you full protection. We need a mix of services and products.”Kaspersky Lab expert highlights the four stages of cybersecurity

Kalkat told a conference during Asia Power Week in Bangkok that “the key becomes the human being ” will you react correctly to alerts.” He said there are four industrial cybersecurity risk stages: avoid, accept, transfer and mitigate.

He said “there are a lot of attacks happening in outdated infrastructure” and stressed that “the next form of protection is going to come from digitisation”.

Kaspersky Lab has organized ‘hackathons’ to test the strength of industrial defences and he said that “the next generation surprises us ” we already look outdated.” He explained that during one such exercise, the hackers took two hours to initiate an attack which it was thought would take them two days.

However, Kalkat stressed that “the hacker doesn’t attack with a single button. It requires hours to prepare and a few different stages. Even though we see Jason Bourne do it in a couple of minutes, it takes a hours.”

He said the top five countries in which Kaspersky believed a cyberattack was most likely to happen were Vietnam, Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia and Indonesia.

And in the Asia Pacific, he said 41 per cent of cyberattacks “are hitting manufacturing, making it the most vulnerable sector”.

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