OUT NOW: Europe energy issue has more articles than ever before

Blockchain, big data, electric vehicle infrastructure, energy storage ” these are just some of the hot topics covered in-depth in the latest 100-page issue of PEi Magazine.

And not only is it our biggest magazine of the year, it also boasts more articles than any previous issue of the magazine.COMING SOON: Europe energy issue has more articles than ever before

That’s because this bumper package explores in detail every aspect of Europe’s energy transition. We have the best and most valuable industry thought-leadership, from established players in the market to new entrants from other sectors, as well as the so-called disruptors.

The digital issue is out now, however here’s a preview of some of the articles that we have put together to help guide you through Europe’s exciting energy transformation.

Jo-Jo Hubbard explains blockchain:à‚ In an exclusive interview, Jo-Jo Hubbard, co-founder and chief operating officer of UKà‚ blockchain platformà‚ company Electron, explains why the technology is often misunderstood.

Driving blockchain and EVs to the mainstream:à‚ Jutta Kleinschmidt, racing driver and founder of Green Energy Wallet, explains why she is trying to invent aà‚ blockchain-powered energy trading system.

Is the missing link in utilities innovation a human one?à‚ Understanding consumers and what drives them is one of the key areas in which utilities are still lagging. This is because energy consumers are diverse ” and energy leaders, in most cases, are not.à‚ Utilities need more diversity in the company make-up, says Benoit Laclau, Global Power & Utilities Leader at EY.

Why data is key in the energy convergence.à‚ As a partner specialising in emerging energy and greentech markets at international law firm Pinsent Masons, Peter Feehan has a bird’s eye view of the changes that are sweeping the energy sector.

Decarbonizing transport with EVs ‘needs more ambitious approach’.à‚ Europeà‚ will “miss its commitments made under the Paris Agreement as well as its global competitiveness” if its policymakers do not deliver “concrete and ambitious action” to speed up the development and roll-out of zero emission vehicles. That’s the warning from Henning Hader, Manager for Energy Policy, Climate & Sustainability at European electricity trade groupà‚ eurelectric.

Harnessing IT/OT convergence for operational success.à‚ Lisa Williams says that in the power industry “the future is meeting the present head on, as a wave ofà‚ digitalizationà‚ crashes over industrial control systems that are, in many cases, decades old”.

Going hybrid ” the future for data centres.à‚ The growing adoption ofà‚ digitalizationà‚ has given rise to new forms of competition and lifestyle improvement for end users. However, more digitalisation also presents significant resource and data processing challenges.

The hunt for the next big thing in energy.à‚ “We are investing all the way through the energy space from smart phone to grids to charging infrastructure for electrical vehicles.” So says Susana Quintana-Plaza of Siemens’ Silicon valley-located innovation unit next47.

Why grid resilience is moving behind the meter.à‚ Michael Phelan of GridBeyond talks about the importance of energy resilience behind the meter, what resilience looks like to I&C energy consumers, and how storage, predictive maintenance and onsite assets play their parts.

And don’t forget that all the topics covered in the magazine will be discussed and debated in the conference rooms and on the exhibition floor at Electrify Europe in Vienna next month. If you haven’t already registered, click here to do so. I’ll see you there.


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