Industry heavyweights booked to give keynotes at Electrify Europe

Electrify Europe, Europe’s leading conference and exhibition for the new digitalizing power sector, has unveiled its first keynote speakers.

Laszlo Varro, Chief Economist at the International Energy Agency, Steve Martin, Vice President and Chief Digital Officer at GE Power, Dr. Helmar Rendez, Chairman of the Board at eastern Germany’s largest energy supplier, LEAG, and Jo-Jo Hubbard, co-founder and COO of London-based energy tech firm, Electron, will present their keynotes over the three days of the event, at a time of unprecedented change in Europe’s power sector.
Electrify Europe

The speeches will reflect the focus of this year’s show ” facilitating collaboration, innovation and decarbonization through digitalization of the electricity sector. Further keynote speakers will be announced in the coming weeks.

Nigel Blackaby, Conference Director at Electrify Europe, says: “These keynote speakers will deliver contrasting but insightful viewpoints on the opportunities and challenges presented by the four trends transforming power: digitalization, decarbonization, decentralisation and electrification.

“Varro is well known for his thought-provoking statistical and analytical examination of trends in the energy sector and really brings to life the research done by him and his his colleagues at the IEA. Rendez will offer a unique viewpoint from a group invested in legacy assets whose role in the European energy mix is changing . Hubbard is a real technology expert and will have informed opinions on the application of blockchain in an energy context. Martin’s digital expertise mean he can provide real insight into the value this technology can bring to customers.

“Building on POWER-GEN Europe’s 25 years as an reputable and highly-valued event in the power sector, Electrify Europe represents a fresh new focus that addresses key issues in a rapidly-evolving market. These keynote sessions will give all attendees the opportunity to gain exclusive insights from the energy industry’s most highly-respected experts ” and learn how to respond to a period of radical change in the power sector.”

Hubbard says: “Europe seems to be leading a lot of thinking about the decentralization of energy generation and trading models. We are looking forward to sharing perspectives at Electrify Europe this year and piecing together this new puzzle in collaboration.”

Rendez says: “Disruptions have already impacted the traditional energy value chain in Europe. Hence we will see new phalanxes of cooperation between well-rooted industries.à‚ 

“Electrify Europe is an excellent trigger to initialise cross-industry collaborations covering multiple topics, attendees and objectives from different branches, such as energy, engineering, renewables or mobility.”

Electrify Europe will take place in Messe Wien, Vienna between 19-21 June. To register, go to: #register.html



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