Honeywell unveils holistic cybersecurity solution

Technology solutions firm Honeywell has today unveiled a new software that it claims will simplify, strengthen and scale cybersecurity for asset-intensive businesses and critical infrastructure owners.

The Honeywell Forge Cybersecurity Platform improves cybersecurity performance at a single site or across an enterprise by increasing visibility of vulnerabilities and threats, mitigating risks, and improving cybersecurity management efficiency.

The launch was made at Honeywell’s EMEA User Group conference at The Hague World Forum in The Netherlands, where this morning the company’s Marty Israels stressed why a step-up in cybersecurity was urgently needed.

He told journalists that there are one million attacks on OT systems a year and that by 2021 it is predicted that there will be a shortfall of 3.5 million cybersecurity jobs (according to Cybersecurity Ventures research results).

And Sam Wilson from Honeywell Industrial Cybersecurity, warned that the biggest cybersecurity threat to companies was not from external hackers: “The biggest challenge ” and the biggest threat ” is companies and their people. It’s their people not following policies ” be they compliance policies or company policies ” or not changing passwords on a regular basis, or opening phishing emails. That is by far the biggest challenge companies face.”

Israels explained that the Honeywell Forge Cybersecurity Platform safely moves data from one site to another and uses operations data to strengthen endpoint and network security plus improve cybersecurity compliance.

The platform also delivers a scalable software solution to better address cybersecurity pain points in OT and IIoT environments.

He said that industrial customers are looking to get three things out of a cybersecurity solution: Simplify cyber OT management; Strengthen security across their enterprise; and scale their investment in cybersecurity.

Larry O’Brien, vice president of research at technology research and advisory firm ARC Advisory Group, said Honeywell’s Forge for Cybersecurity “is a big step forward in the company’s overall cybersecurity strategy. The unified suite of applications, services and products can address a range of end-user cybersecurity requirements from asset discovery and monitoring and secure remote access to fully managed services.”

He added that the platform “represents a common approach to OT-level cybersecurity that recognizes the impact of IoT on manufacturing, including the monitoring of virtual machines, firewalls, and other assets in industrial environments.”

Based on technology installed in thousands of sites globally, the platform operates through a single dashboard, while multi-site, multi-vendor capabilities support an enterprise-wide solution with greater efficiencies and lower total cost of ownership, regardless of the control system used.

“Customers now have a better choice to strengthen industrial cybersecurity across their enterprise to enable IT-OT convergence and digital transformation, improving enterprise performance while reducing the cost of cybersecurity,” said Jeff Zindel, general manager at Honeywell Connected Enterprise, Cybersecurity. He said the platform will “simplify cybersecurity management and better protect people, processes and assets from evolving cyberthreats”.

The new platform is part of Honeywell Forge, a new category of software solutions that deliver enterprise performance management for operations technology to aerospace, building, industrial and worker segments. Honeywell Forge was launched earlier this year to improve the way a variety of companies collect, analyze and act on data from their operations.

For more information about the Honeywell Forge Cybersecurity Platform, visit Honeywell Industrial Cyber Security Solutions and Services.

Earlier this week Honeywell also unveiled the largest behind”the-meter storage deployment to date in North America.

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