Honeywell in biggest behind”the-meter storage rollout in North America

Honeywell has announced an agreement with energy storage solution firm NRStor to launch the largest behind”the-meter storage deployment to date in North America.

The agreement will offer energy storage as a service to commercial and industrial customers and will see Honeywell and NRStor develop and operate 300 MW of behind”the-meter battery storage systems across the US and Canada, starting early next year.

Operated remotely, Honeywell said that these systems will provide customers with electricity cost savings, improved sustainability and resiliency.

“This BTM deployment alone matches North America’s total energy storage deployments in 2018,” said Moe Hajabed, chief executive officer of NRStor.

“This collaboration brings Honeywell’s operational excellence, precise equipment and construction to NRStor’s projects and expands the customer base that can take advantage of our energy solutions. This also creates an opportunity for other developers to fund and implement their projects through NRStor’s platform.”

The energy storage systems will be supported by two state-of-the-art remote operations centres  that use proprietary artificial intelligence-based peak prediction and value stack optimization algorithms. These centres will automatically start the battery systems to maximize savings for commercial and industrial customers. Honeywell’s advanced control technologies will enable precise battery dispatch along with network security and cybersecurity protection.

“Our operations platform makes it easier to anticipate and manage demand and energy generation in today’s complex energy ecosystem,” said Eren Ergin, general manager for renewables and distributed assets at Honeywell Process Solutions.

“Honeywell’s battery energy storage systems, software solutions and outcome-based performance guarantees will help end users optimize their operations and realize significant savings. Together with NRStor, we look forward to making industrial operations across North America more efficient and sustainable.”

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