EON uses smart meters to control solar PV systems

E.ON is now using smart meters to control solar photovoltaic systems in Germany.

An additional unit to the meter, a so-called control box, prevents grid congestion by flexibly controlling power generation by the solar panels.

The PV systems are connected to the grid operated by Bayernwerk, one of E.ON’s regional distribution subsidiaries.

E.On said that the control boxes and smart meters not only reduce and increase the power output of PV modules from a remote location, they also provide information about the technical condition of the panels as well as other measured values.EON uses smart meters to control solar PV systems

The data as well as encrypted control signals are transmitted via a communication gateway inside the meter. This, said EON, ensures compliance with the maximum security standards defined by the Federal Office for Information Security.

“What sounds pretty simple is an important milestone on the path towards the digital, smart electricity grid,” said ays Paul-Vincent Abs, who is responsible for smart meters at E.ON. “The control box/smart meter combination allows both the generation and consumption of renewable energy to be optimized.”

The work done by E.ON in this field is sponsored by the Ministry of Economics as part of the Smart Energy Showcase – Digital Agenda for the Energy Transition (SINTEG) program. The aim of this initiative is to develop and demonstrate model energy supply solutions for the future in so-called showcase regions.à‚ 

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