EON unveils intelligent power plant for industry

A new industrial power plant in Germany will “decide for itself how much energy it produces and when”.

The pilot plant from E.ON will be commissioned tomorrow and operates on the energy company’s programme called IQ CHP: The Intelligent Power Plant. It will generate power for food manufacturer DSM Nutritional Products.

The plant runs on a 22 MW gas turbine and an 8 MW steam turbine. E.ON said it will implement digitization and automation step by step over the next few months.EON unveils intelligent power plant for industry

Anthony Ainsworth, chief executive of E.ON Connecting Energies, explained: “The key objective is to link customers’ energy needs to the electricity market. The intelligent power plant processes real-time information from production around the clock and compares it with the electricity market. The plant then determines whether it uses energy solely for the production process or whether it additionally participates in the electricity market. Based on the data, the software also generates a forecast for next day’s schedule.”

He said this “significantly increases the automation level of the system, resulting in even better availability, process stability and faster response times. The system can also detect and analyze malfunction at an early stage. This can be used in partial areas for predictive, condition-oriented maintenance. This enables creates the highest possible technical availability and maximum energy efficiency with reduced CO2 emissions.”

Ainsworth said that the DSM collaboration “shows how we can jointly with our customers make progress that each would never have achieved on its own. We want to install our system in many power plants. It makes our customers more competitive and enables them to contribute to grid stability and climate protection”.

How commercial and industrial energy users adapt to the European energy transition is a key focus of European Utility Week, which takes place in Vienna next month. Click here for details.à‚ 

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