An online portal which gives open access to Denmark’s energy data is set to spark innovation in smart, data-led solutions for energy efficiency.

The Energy Data Service was launched by Denmark’s state-owned gas and electricity operator Energinet and will share near real-time aggregated energy consumption data for all Danish municipalities, as well data on CO2 emissions, energy production and the electricity market.

Developers, entrepreneurs and companies will be able to access and use the data to create apps and other smart data services that empower consumers to use energy more efficiently and flexibly, saving them money and cutting their carbon footprint.  

Energinet hopes that the Energy Data Service will be a catalyst for the digitalization of the energy sector and for green innovation and economic growth, both in Denmark and beyond.

Energinet chief executive Peder Andreasen said: “As we transition to a low carbon future, we need to empower consumers to be smarter with how they use energy. The Energy Data Service will enable the development of innovative data-based solutions to make this possible.

“For example, an electric car that knows when there is spare capacity on the electricity grid, making it a good time to charge itself. Or an app that helps local authorities understand energy consumption patterns in social housing, so they can make improvements that will save money and cut carbon.”

Energinet’s Head of Department Market Analysis and Design,  Anders Dalgaard, will be speaking about the low carbon energy system at European Utility Week next month. For details click here.