The head of Enel’s new “e-Solutions” division, Enel X says the company is to increase its investment on digital networks to offer smart meters, remote home appliance controls and car charging points.

“The unstoppable growth of renewables, digitisation of grids and regulatory change to tackle climate change are driving change from distributed generation to an energy cloud platform,” said Francesco Venturini.

In London yesterday the company presented Enel X, the new identity of the global division launched in May, aimed at exploiting the possibilities of energy transformation, anticpiating and meeting the needs of global customers through technological innovations, with the development of innovative products and specific digital solutions.

Electricity networks and telecom services are starting to converge as utilities use digital technology to more closely manage power supply and consumption in homes, offices and factories. 

By remotely controlling the way power is used, they can manage peaks and troughs in demand and sell services that help customers cut their bills. They can also deal better with surges and dips in supply caused by the growing use of wind and solar energy.

The company is currently building a fibre optic network in Italy and looking to do likewise in Latin America.

Enel will also accelerate investment in smart grids and roll out new services catering to electric vehicles and connected home appliances, company officials said at a presentation.