Technology company Emerson has launched a programme designed to help original equipment manufacturers fast-track the digital transformation of their business.

Melissa Holler, vice-president of the Engineered Solutions Provider programme, explained that by “collaboratively solving business problems”, the programme would help OEMs “optimise the automation, instrumentation, and remote monitoring capabilities of their engineered solutions”.

“It also creates opportunities to pass those benefits on to their customers, which ultimately strengthens their position to win more business.”

She added that this will help OEMs “stay ahead of the technology curve in their respective industries”.

She explained that OEMs “are looking to build easily replicated, technologically advanced, IIoT-enabled solutions for their customers. They must navigate a rapidly changing marketplace where differentiation among competitors can be difficult, shrinking budgets strain production, and cybersecurity threats hinder their ability to provide reliable equipment to end users quickly, efficiently and at a cost that meets uptime expectations.”

Digitalization is a key pillar of European Utility Week, which takes place next month in Vienna. Click here for details.

Emerson will be discussing digitalization in detail at POWER-GEN International in Orlando in December. Click here for details.