Vestas shuts IT systems in response to cyber security incident

Image credit: Vestas

Danish wind turbine manufacturer, Vestas, has released a statement confirming that on 19 November 2021 the company was impacted by a cyber security incident.

Details are currently scarce however Vestas has confirmed that in order to contain the issue, IT systems have been shut down across multiple business units and locations.

“As part of our crisis management setup for cyber security, we are working together with our internal and external partners to contain the issue fully and recover our systems,” stated the Vestas announcement.

The company suggested that customers, employees, and other stakeholders may be affected by the shutdown of several of their IT systems.

Vestas will keep stakeholders updated when more information becomes available.

According to Bloomberg, Anders Riis, vice president of communications stated: “On the manufacturing side, it’s too early to say if they will be impacted, but some of the IT systems are used at our factories.”

Cyber attacks on critical infrastructure are becoming more frequent, with energy companies and utilities alike having to reinforce their systems to maximise protection against hackers.

Theresa Lanowitz, Director of AT&T Cybersecurity, commented on the rise of cyber threats within the energy sector, stating: “Given that malicious actors are continually evolving their tactics to steal sensitive data, intellectual property and other digital assets, utility companies would benefit from an offensive approach to cybersecurity“.

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