All news, policy updates, standards, solutions and announcements concerning cybersecurity within the power and energy sectors, specifically relating to malware and ransomware prevention, protection of customer data and information, hacking, as well as theft or damage to hardware. This will also highlight threats to electrical grids, as well as how to prevent power outages, coordinate incident response and boost grid resilience.

Honeywell unveils holistic cybersecurity solution

Technology solutions firm Honeywell has today unveiled a new software that it claims will simplify, strengthen and scale cybersecurity for asset-intensive businesses...

Siemens and Glitre Energi Nett pilot versatile IoT platform

Glitre Energi Nett will partner with Siemens to build a digital substation to pilot IoT analytics and applications for power grids.

Why the nuclear industry must embrace digital technology

The UK has some of strictest nuclear safety standards in the world. Operators must walk a perilous regulatory tightrope, ensuring their systems, hardware and firmware are all completely secure to ensure complete safety.

How a UK energy cyberattack could cost £111m a day

Cyberattacks on electricity networks in the UK could cost £111m daily according to new research.

Siemens forms new cybersecurity alliance

Siemens has today announced a new partnership which it says is designed to “protect the energy industry’s critical infrastructure from increasingly sophisticated and malicious industrial cyber threats”.

MHI becomes first Asian member of Cybersecurity Charter of Trust

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) is to become the first Asian member of the Charter of Trust on Cybersecurity.

‘Cybersecurity is the single most critical issue we face’ says EDP...

In 2017, under the leadership of director Aurélio Blanquet, EDP Distribuição joined the European Network for Cyber Security (ENCS). Now, Blanquet has been elected Chair of the ENCS Assembly Committee. Here, he talks about his new role and the state of cybersecurity across the European energy sector.

Cybersecurity and the role of software in energy grid security

Protocols for cybersecurity in the energy industry are often limited to the prevention of data breaches. However, by infiltrating energy generation sites, hackers have the potential to cause much more damage than simply accessing confidential data. Alan Binning of energy software supplier COPA-DATA UK examines the potential disruption of attacks on energy generation facilities and explains why adherence to security standards are essential.

Siemens introduces cybersecurity rules for suppliers

Siemens has introduced new cybersecurity rules for its suppliers.

Siemens to digitalize and cybersecure UAE gas plant

Siemens today announced it has signed a deal to maintain and digitalize the 1500 MW Shuweihat S2 combined-cycle power plant in Abu Dhabi.

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