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Why the nuclear industry must embrace digital technology


The UK has some of strictest nuclear safety standards in the world. Operators must walk a perilous regulatory tightrope, ensuring their systems, hardware and firmware are all completely secure to ensure complete safety.

How a UK energy cyberattack could cost £111m a day


Cyberattacks on electricity networks in the UK could cost £111m daily according to new research.

Siemens forms new cybersecurity alliance


Siemens has today announced a new partnership which it says is designed to “protect the energy industry’s critical infrastructure from increasingly sophisticated and malicious industrial cyber threats”.

MHI becomes first Asian member of Cybersecurity Charter of Trust


Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) is to become the first Asian member of the Charter of Trust on Cybersecurity.

‘Cybersecurity is the single most critical issue we face’ says EDP Distribuição boss


In 2017, under the leadership of director Aurélio Blanquet, EDP Distribuição joined the European Network for Cyber Security (ENCS). Now, Blanquet has been elected Chair of the ENCS Assembly Committee. Here, he talks about his new role and the state of cybersecurity across the European energy sector.

Cybersecurity and the role of software in energy grid security


Protocols for cybersecurity in the energy industry are often limited to the prevention of data breaches. However, by infiltrating energy generation sites, hackers have the potential to cause much more damage than simply accessing confidential data. Alan Binning of energy software supplier COPA-DATA UK examines the potential disruption of attacks on energy generation facilities and explains why adherence to security standards are essential.

Siemens introduces cybersecurity rules for suppliers


Siemens has introduced new cybersecurity rules for its suppliers.

Siemens to digitalize and cybersecure UAE gas plant


Siemens today announced it has signed a deal to maintain and digitalize the 1500 MW Shuweihat S2 combined-cycle power plant in Abu Dhabi.

Cybersecurity panel urges collaboration and vigilance on grid


The power grid industry is certainly vulnerable to cyberattacks, but that assault may not be a bold offensive led by brazen digital overlords.

DistribuTECH spotlight: Why current cybersecurity practices aren’t good enough


Paul Feldman, technical director for Protect Our Power and former chairman of the Midcontinent ISO, took our questions regarding the organization’s Best Practices in Utility Cybersecurity conference set for Feb. 4 in New Orleans on the eve of DistribuTECH.

New cybersecurity platform for UK energy sector


The UK energy industry spends around £265m a year to protect itself against data breaches and system outages.

Top five tech trends for in utilities in 2019


As we move into what will undoubtedly be another year of disruption and innovation in the energy sector, Graeme Wright, chief technology officer for Manufacturing, Utilities, and Services at Fujitsu UK, offers his top five technology trends to watch out for in utilities in 2019.

How power companies can reap IoT rewards


Unlocking value from the Internet of Things requires more than blind investments in technology. Those organisations most likely to pull ahead of their competitors will be the ones that focus on security, performance and standards.

Schneider Electric in IIoT deal with software firm Transpara


Schneider Electric has signed a global OEM and distribution partnership agreement with Transpara, a developer of real-time monitoring, visualization and alerting software.

Siemens showcases digital solutions at POWER-GEN International


At POWER-GEN International this week, Siemens will showcase its new asset performance management technology and software for power plants which it launched in collaboration with Bentley Systems.

Fighting the dark side of digital transformation


Picture the scene - it's the middle of winter in Ukraine with temperatures barely reaching above freezing and the power goes out. Not only does it go out but no one can tell you what is going on.

'The future is digital' hears Schneider Electric Innovation Summit


The name of a certain company product was name-dropped more times than anyone could remember, but another word surfaced even more on Tuesday during the first day of the Schneider Electric North America Innovation Summit in Atlanta.

Engie and Tata in utility cybersecurity partnership


ENGIE Laborelec, the utilities research division of ENGIE Group, is working with India’s Tata Consultancy Services to develop cybersecurity products and services for utilities.

How to design a cyber-secure smart grid


The European Network for Cyber Security (ENCS) has launched a new training course that it claims will give security architects “the knowledge to design secure smart grid systems”.

Survey finds utilities failing to adhere with GDPR rules


Despite GDPR legislation having come into effect over four months ago, the majority of UK businesses in the utilities sector are now risking penalties by failing to adhere to some of the rules.

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