Global cyber weapon market report shows alarming growth

The global cyber weapon market is poised to grow strong during the forecast period 2018 to 2028, according to the latest report from ResearchandMarkets.

The report, Global Cyber Weapon Market Analysis & Trends ” Industry Forcast to 2028, highlights some of the prominent trends that the market is currently witnessing, such as:

  • Increasing investment by organisations to identify zero-day vulnerabilities,
  • Increasing need for security in critical infrastructure and utilities, and
  • Demand for advanced cyber weapons.

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This report comes at a time when utilities are increasingly aware of the risks posed by cyber terrorists. Just recently Portuguese energy company Energias de Portugalà‚ (EDP) was the victim of a RagnarLocker cyberattack.

According to sources, the hackers responsible for the attack threatened to release 10TB of sensitive data unless they were paid $10.9 million.

The report confirms that the areas of application most at risk include, but are not limited to; industrial control systems, communication networks, public utilities and smart power grid, as well as the private sector.

The report distinguishes between the major weapon types, segregating into defensive, offensive, mirai, stuxnet, great cannon, duqu, flame and wiper.

The defensive segment is futher segmented into anti-penetration driven assault, anti-virus, anti-distributed denial of service and anti-reverse rules attack.

Moreover, offensive segment is again segmented into reverse rules attack, penetration driven assault, distributed denial of service and worms & viruses.

The report provides a detailed analysis on current and future market trends, as well as key market players. To download a copy of the report, clickà‚ here.

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