Drax to test new power plant cybersecurity system

UK power plant operator Drax is testing a new capability to detect unknown cyber security threats in industrial control systems.

The security system has been designed by British technology company Darktrace and is initially being focused on the energy sector.

Dave Palmer, technology director at Darktrace, said that the system “studies the behaviour of the control cybersecuritysystem itself, not the industrial process that it manages, providing increased confidence that the control system is functioning as intended”.

“Its fundamental capability to detect unknown cyber threats within network traffic, using machine learning, really matters in the industrial world.”

Darktrace states that “for the first time, ICS data has been successfully extracted and modelled in order to establish normal behaviours for networked machines and detect deviations from this that may point to security holes or vulnerabilities”.

Drax operates the largest power station in the UK and also owns business electricity supplier Haven Power. It is also one of the partners in the White Rose carbon capture and storage project.

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